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Toy & Book Sets

Puzzles (Book Included)

Puzzles are a great way to create a fun learning opportunity for kids.

Simple jigsaw puzzles help children develop finger strength, perseverance and problem-solving skills.

Ask your child to turn, flip, slide and wriggle pieces into position. Picking up, moving and twisting the pieces of a puzzle helps children to develop finger strength and hand-eye coordination. As your child picks up and positions pieces, they also develop small-muscle control in their fingers.

Playing with these puzzles encourages children to look at pictures more carefully, going over them from top to bottom and from left to right. Through doing this, children may begin to notice visual similarities and differences.

Puzzles develop memory skills, as well as an ability to plan, test ideas and solve problems. While completing a puzzle, children need to remember shapes, colors, positions and strategies to complete them.

The experience of completing a puzzle can also help your child to learn to accept challenges, overcome problems and deal with frustrations.

Stackers (Book Included)

Sure, stacking toys are a lot of fun, but they also help your child to learn developmental skills:

  • Hand-eye coordination: Playing with stacking toys requires children to learn how to create a relationship between what they see and their physical movements to complete an action, e.g., stacking one toy on top of the other.
  • Fine & gross motor skills development: Building and stacking help your child to improve their fine and gross motor skills. They will need to make pinching grasps with their fingers to pick up a piece while also reaching and crawling to grab the next piece they need.
  • Problem-solving: Stacking toys help children learn about concepts such as height, balance, and order. As your child plays with these toys, it will help them develop essential problem-solving skills as they figure out how to make their block tower even taller.
  • Shape identification: Stacking toys come in various shapes and sizes, which is great for children. As they pick up and inspect each shape, they slowly learn how to identify between a cube and a circle.
  • Color recognition: Similarly, stacking toys help your little one learn how to identify different colors. When playing with your child, start stacking blocks by color. This will help them develop their understanding of colors.

Keeping the attention of young children can be challenging. Yet, stacking toys always seem to do the trick. Many children play with baby stacking toys from three months old until their toddler years. These toys make playtime tons of fun, but the developmental benefits your child receives are hard to ignore.

Toys Only (No Book)

This category includes toys that do not match or include a book.

Land of Misfit Toys

My clearance section! These books or toys might have a slight tear, ding or flaw, but are still highly lovable and looking for their forever home!

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