Does your child have a favorite book, tv show, movie or character set? I can create a custom painted set of matching wooden toys to inspire their imagination.


Curated sets that include a children’s book with a matching hand painted toy. Available as ready-to-sell, pre-order or custom order


Hand cut and handpainted wooden puzzles, stackers and games to promote fine and gross motor skills, problem solving and coordination.



I cut every toy by hand from 1′ thick wood (pine or poplar), sand all edges and hand paint each to match a children’s book or favorite character set. Toys are tested for fault lines, potential splintering, and choking hazards and are painted using CPSC compliant paint and sealant deemed to be child safe. Stardust Butterfly Creations is registered with the federal government as a Small Batch Toy Manufacturer and is compliant with all federal regulations regarding child safety.

Why Wooden Toys?

Some of our best memories as children centered around playing with wooden toys like Lincoln Logs, building blocks, ball runs and wooden cars/trains. Over time, these durable and timeless toys have been replaced with cheaper plastics and other materials. Sure, they are less expensive, but they are also easily destroyed (and are not bio-degradable), contain toxins that can leach out and the manufacturing of these toys is damaging to the environment.

The relentless advance of technology has ensured that toys today are replete with bells, whistles, bleeps, screens, noises, colors and so on. But often, simplicity is best, and less is more.  Wooden toys offer children a blank slate upon which they can project all the wildness and extravagance of their burgeoning imaginations. They are naturally devoid of any possibility of sound or interaction in themselves and allow for children to supply their own voices and sound effects in collaboration with one another.

We like to call our products “Heirloom Toys”.  Because they are made from naturally sourced wood and painted with child-safe paint and sealant, they are designed to outlast the wear and tear of normal play. We fully expect that your child may grow up to pass this favorite toy/memory on to their children or that you may tuck this toy into their backpack as they leave for college. Heirloom toys can be passed from generation to generation to inspire imagination as the years go by.


What materials are used to make your toys?

All of our toys are hand cut from naturally sourced 1″thick pine or poplar. Each toy is sanded by hand to ensure that edges are not rough and inspected for cracks, fault lines, chips and dents. Toys are then painted using CPSC certified child safe paints and sealants and then sanded again before shipping or purchase. All toys are visually inspected, but may still have naturally occuring or wear/tear defects.

Can you recommend an age appropriate book for my child or for a gift?

Absolutely! Reach out to me at or on social media through a direct message and I will be happy to assist you with your purchase.

How large are your toys?

Toys can range in size, however, I try to keep my toys between 3.5″-5″ in height to maintain the general sizing used by other mainstream retailers so that my toys fit seamlessly into your collection. Every effort is made, within reason, to honor sizing rations within a set (i.e., an elephant will  be scaled larger than a mouse in a set) but keep in mind, the smallest toy must be more than 2.5″ in diameter for child safety. 

Do you sell/ship internationally?

Yes! We have shipped all over the world. Shipping is a flat rate in the United States and dependent upon shipping rates when shipping internationally.

What if my order is damaged while shipping?

I am a huge believer in communication.  My current customers can tell you that I talk with them throughout the process and let them know when their product is shipped along with providing a tracking number. I then follow the progress of your package until it reaches you and then reach out again to make sure everything arrived safely and as expected. If anything is broken or damaged, I will do my best to help remedy the situation.  Let’s talk.

How do I place an order?

If you are looking for a quick, ready-to-ship option, you can conveniently shop in my online store at To place a custom order, email me at, reach out to me on social media through a direct message or fill out the form on the custom order page ( I will respond with any questions I have and provide a quote and shipping timeframe. If you are interested in proceeding, payment is expected prior to the toys being made. 

What payment methods do you accept?

When shopping in my online store (for ready-to-ship items or using your custom link for a custom order), I accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex using secure Square payment processing.  I also accept Afterpay – a convenient way to split the cost of your order into four, interest free payments. When placing a custom order outside of the website, I also accept Venmo, Cash App, Paypal and Zelle.

Can you make (insert character name here)?

Yes!  The only thing that I require in order to make a toy is a clear image of the exact pose/orientation of the character for the purpose of creating the cutout stencil and copying the details. For most custom orders, I will work with you to find images that you like for your particular character request.

Are your toys painted on all sides?

Yes!  Each toy is painted in full detail on the front. The sides and the back are painted as a reasonable approximation to the character. The most detail will be focused on the front of the toy.

We Create Smiles…

My son is obsessed with dinosaurs and his favorite is Bumpy from Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous (Ankylosaurus)
Tammy created his very own wooden Bumpy and he loves it so much!! The toy is well-made, durable, and has already provided endless hours of entertainment for my son! Five stars!

My order arrived very quickly. Each piece was wrapped individually and there was great care taken to make sure the pieces arrived safely. The dinosaurs are beautiful and sturdy. My kiddos that I teach loved stacking them and reading the story. I cannot wait to purchase again! A great long term investment for a teacher!

The toys created by Stardust Butterfly Creations are of excellent quality! They are hand painted, sides sanded smooth, and the detail is amazing! We have done some custom orders and other orders and they have never disappointed. They have great communication and and are wonderful to work with! Highly recommend!

I am so lucky to have found this small shop! I placed a custom order of 15 Blues Clues and You pieces and not only received my order sooner than I thought but I was blown away by the quality and detail in each piece. This will be a birthday gift for my little one and I can’t wait to gift it. I look forward to placing another order! The owner is so sweet and communicates every step of the way with you. I received sneak peak photos during the creation process and also tracking info once shipped. I highly recommend Stardust Butterfly Creations to anyone looking for custom, one-of-a-kind pieces you can’t find anywhere else.

I absolutely love this company! I’ve done 2 orders with her and the communication from Tammy is top notch! The quality of the products have been so great too!! In my last order I got the Easter basket option. Picked the age range and everything was very toddler friendly: from the book and amazingly hand painted character to the matching Disney character game! I can’t recommend this company enough and will be making more orders in the future!

I have been looking for a Tumble Leaf play set for some time now. I feel so lucky and blessed to have connected with Stardust Butterfly Creations because the custom order set she created for my son is so beautifully detailed they look like they came straight out of a story. We love them, and I admire the artwork every time I pick up the figures. I will definitely be ordering again and highly recommend to anyone looking for something truly special.

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