Stardust Butterfly Creations was founded in 2021 with the belief that a love of reading and imagination are two of the most important things that we can teach our children.  The brand is also dedicated to creating quality, safe, representational, beautifully handcrafted heirloom wooden toys at accessible prices so that all families can enjoy the wonder and uniqueness of these products.

Hand Cut. Hand Painted. Child Safe. Accessible.

I cut every toy from 1′ thick wood (pine or poplar), sand all edges and hand paint each to match a children’s book or favorite character set. Toys are tested for fault lines, potential splintering, and choking hazard and are painted using CPSC compliant paint and sealant deemed to be child safe. Stardust Butterfly Creations is registered with the federal government at a Small Batch Toy Manufacturer and is compliant with all federal regulations regarding child safety.  Finally, I strive to make wooden toys accessible for all families. My pricing is not going to make me a millionaire and covers usually the bare minimum of supplies and time. With Afterpay, my toys are now even more accessible.

Tammy, the owner and artist behind Stardust Butterfly Creations, did not even know she could paint until a fateful night in 2021 when a friend asked her over to help paint toys. Following a short term partnership, and the recognition that families were looking for quality and affordable options for toys that matched their kids’ obsessions, she set out on her own and started Stardust Butterfly Creations.

Her love of books and the realization that children will seek to not only read, but continue imaginative play after the book is closed if they had a physical representation of the characters led her down the path that would ultimately become her niche – story sets – matching children’s books with wooden toys. She also works with customers across the country (and internationally) to create curated custom orders to match tv show and movie characters as well as pets, animal sets and other toys that are difficult to find on the traditional market. Her favorite part of the job is getting to know the families and children and seeing the joy that it brings them to see their favorite characters brought to life. All of her toys are made with educational or developmental goals in mind and most of the books that she curates have a positive or empowering message.

Stardust Butterfly Creations is a true family business and on any given day, you will find Tammy’s husband, Randy, stepson Ethan and any number of friends helping to create toys. All production is overseen by Chief Toy Inspector, Boots and Chief Barking Officer, Lucy. Tammy’s extended family supports her marketing efforts and helps at local craft shows and in online forums.

What are Wooden Toys EVERYWHERE All of a Sudden?

If you are here, you are probably already aware that there has been a marked increase in interest in wooden toys. It seems that everywhere you look, there is a wooden toy or peg doll shop that has either developed into a major brand or is being run by a small batch maker (and there are so many talented makers out there – see my recommendations below!). So, why does it seem like the world is suddenly revolving around wooden toys and why should you choose these over the many other mass produced and less expensive options?

Great for Imagination

Unlike toys with bells & whistles, the simplicity of a wood toy is the best way to encourage a child to create and imagine. Some of the best stories, dream lands and fairy tales start with a wooden toy and the mind of a child.

Great for the Environment

The wooden toys that I create are sourced from natural wood, recyclable, bio-degradable and are designed to last well beyond the shelf-life of a plastic toy. It is possible that these toys will be passed down to younger generations.

Great for Learning & Skill Building

Wooden toys can aid a child’s physical, mental and emotional development. It should be noted that education spaces (where toys are often found), have increased rates of learning, improved test results, concentration and attendance when wood is prominent.

Great for Versatility

The same wooden toy can serve different objectives for different ages. Your toddler might use the wooden toy as a sensory object that can help develop fine/gross motor skills, while your five-year-old would use the same toy to create a world of imagination.

Other Wonderful & Safety Conscious Wooden Toy Makers That We Reccommend

Green Woodworks – Brianna Green

Green Apple Art Design – Emily Hartley

Heirloom Rainbow Company – Amber Davis

SensoryPlay – Magda Roeske

Storybook Workshop  – Amber Gregg 

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