There is nothing better than watching your child’s eyes come alive with the magic of a favorite tv show, movie or book character. These associations can start at the very beginning of cognition and play a key role with our behavior throughout our lives.

Stardust Butterfly Creations makes handmade wooden toys to promote imagination, connection and play in children through realistic and durable replicas of their favorite characters.  Bring a book to life and your child can continue the story after the book has closed. Take the story off of the screen and create new chapters. Use the toy as a means of teaching lessons and creating associations and reinforcements for behavior. The possibilities are endless.


My customers have placed custom orders for:

* Book characters and sets

* TV characters

* Movie characters

* Pets

* Personalized Books with Matching Character

* Cartoon Families

* Playroom & Nursery Decor

* Curated Animal Sets

* Nostalgic characters from their childhood

* Collectibles

Can I make ______?  Probably, yes!

In order to create a custom wooden character, I need a clear image of what would be cut and painted on the wood.  I work with my customers to find acceptable images to copy to create the perfect toy set. I then use the image to create the wood-cutting pattern. The wood is hand cut using a scroll saw, hand sanded for rough edges and then painted using child-safe materials.  Upon completion, the toy is sealed using child-safe sealant and then sanded again prior to being shipped. The entire process takes approximately 4-5 hours per toy. Depending on my custom order caseload and the size of the set, an order could take as little as one week and as much as 5-6 weeks. 

Pricing and Other Important Info

Prices for custom orders start at $15 to $17 per piece depending on the size and complexity of the character. If you purchase a multi-piece set (i.e., The Mitten, Blues Clues or Tumbleleaf – which are pictured), the per piece price decreases. 

Example – For a simple set of 5 average sized toys (3-4″) that do not have fine detail work, the price might be $60 (or $12 each). 

Each set is priced individually based on these factors. 

My custom toys are cut from 1″ thick pine or poplar wood that is locally sourced from lumber mills. Each toy is a minimum of 2.5″ (per CPSC safety requirements) and some larger toys can be up to 6.5-7″. I try to keep all toys relative to other popular wooden toy brands (3.5-5″) so that my toys fit seamlessly into multi-maker sets.

With the exception of stacker sets, I try to keep as much size relativity as possible within the sizing constraints. For example, I make every effort to make a bear larger than a mouse when feasible. Scale is important but sometimes difficult.  I promise, I try.


If you live within the United States, shipping will be included in the quoted custom price. If you live outside of the United States, I will investigate the shipping cost to your address and add it to the cost of the set.  If, when I ship, the cost is less than anticipated, I will refund you the difference.  If it is more than anticipated, I will cover that cost. Expedited shipping is available for the additional cost of that service. If you are local to Meriden, Connecticut and would like to meet for local delivery, please reach out to me in a message for details.

Turnaround times will be provided after I speak with you about your order.  Times depend upon the size and complexity of the set, and where you fall in the custom order line. If you have an upcoming important date, please discuss with me and I will make every effort to try to meet the deadline when possible. Keep in mind that each toy takes between 4-5 hours. Occasionally, circumstances beyond my control may affect my ability to meet a promised date. In every situation, I will be in touch with you to discuss options.

I am a strong believer in communication. I will work with you throughout the process, letting you know when I start, providing sneak peeks (if desired), and providing you with shipping details and tracking once your toys are on the way.  I then follow the tracking and will reach out again when your toys have arrived to assure that they arrived safely and as expected. I hope that along the way I might get to know you and your little ones.  It makes my heart soar to know where my toys will be creating joy.


To inquire about a custom order, please fill out the form below in as much detail as possible and I will reply as quickly as I can!

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