Sensory Books

Sensory books are books that engage different senses of the reader, such as sight, sound, touch, and movement. These include tactile books, lift the flap, pop up and other interactive books.
Sensory Book Benefits:
  • Engaging: These books are engaging and entice the child to participate. They are like interactive stories which have to be completed.
  • Attention Building: Sensory books can captivate a child’s attention.
  • Multi-Sense Stimulation: With the visual, tactile, auditory and kinesthetic inputs, a child gets to work various skills at a time.
  • Sitting Tolerance: With enhanced attention, a child using a sensory book is more liable to sit for longer durations.
  • Vocabulary Building: Using sensory books, you can build your child’s verbal vocabulary.
  • Enrich Language: With these books, one can introduce or revise various language concepts like colors, numbers, shapes, prepositions, pronouns, categories, adjectives, inferencing etc.
  • Fine Motor Work: These books provide opportunities to enhance fine motor skills in children. The intricate tasks of undoing a Velcro piece or braiding a doll’s hair, or buttoning a shirt, are all great for fine motor skill development.
  • Problem Solving tools: Activities in these books can sharpen your child’s cognition and problem-solving skills.
  • Instill Imagination & Creativity: Sensory books can tune up a child’s imagination by presenting beautiful tasks in a challenging way.
  • Great for toddlers: Most parents like that many of these books don’t tear easily. Hence, they can be perfect tools for toddlers.
  • Travel buddy: These books can keep your child engaged while travelling. They can learn to talk and practice even when on the go.
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