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A throw back to a favorite video game - this stacker encourages kids to balance the Pac Man base and build with ghosts, pretzels, cherries and other fruit. Fun, colorful and nostalgic.

Toys are 1.5" thick poplar. Toy is approximately 8" wide and 7" tall with ten 2" stacking toys.

Stacking can help boost fine and gross motor skills and help your child develop better eye-hand coordination. They also help children learn about spatial relationships (like under and on), and shapes. They are a great learning tool and fun for children. These toys also help to develop imagination.


Ready to ship options will ship in 2-3 business days using the carrier selected at checkout.

Custom made to order items will ship in 7-10 days. If there is any change to this estimate, the buyer will be contacted directly.

My products are hand made from raw materials and hand finished using child-safe paints and a water basedchild-safe sealant. Every piece is hand cut by me (unless otherwise noted) and then sanded and painted byhand. As a result, it may have minor flaws and inconsistencies that are typical of a handcrafted product. Thisalso means your toy is one-of-a-kind!

- While I make every attempt to smooth rough edges, you may find some edges to be more rough than others. Ipurposefully leave the edges of our stackers a little more rough so they are easier to stack. To further smooththese edges, use a brown paper bag (like a lunch bag) and rub vigorously over the surface until smooth. This willnot disturb the paint/stain.

- Due to the nature of painting/staining wood, there will be areas of your product that show unique patterns,wood grain, knots and coloring. This is normal and part of the character of a hand made piece.

- I try to wrap each piece to minimize interaction while shipping, however, sometimes wood dents do occur. Toremove a wood dent, place a wet washcloth (wring it out) over the wood dent and press with a hot iron. Thewood fibers will fill the dent back in after one or two attempts.

- All of my products are finished with a water based sealant, however it is possible that some paint or stain willstill transfer or bleed. I do not recommend that children put these in their mouth or play with the toys in water.

- My products are recommended for children over the age of 3. Younger children should be supervised closely.Small parts are glued in place, but I cannot guarantee that they will not come loose over time and become achoking hazard. The Menorahs contain small magnets in the wood pieces and in the crayons. Please superviseyour child closely with these items.

- Wood is a strong, but not indestructible. Heavy handed play will result in breakage or paint chipping.

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